For the love of Sweden!

Real Swedes know the days of the week and attach injunctive meaning to each.

Moon Day

To give thanks for the sister sphere.

Tewes Day

Second day of the week.

Odin/Wodin’s Day

To salute this High Servant of the All Father who supposedly receives information about the attitudes of men from corvids.

Thor’s Day

To remember the victorious commander of the armies of the north in the final battle between the Ayrians and Cro-Magnons.

Freya’s Day

To party in the spirit of Freya.

Saturn Day

To meditate on Greek history, Roman history, or the literal planet Saturn, whichever your pleasure.  A good day to go on an adventure.

Sun Day

Day of worship, relaxation, and family fellowship in the Western World.  An excellent day to sungaze.